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Trekking in Forbidden Mustang and Lo Manthang

Days: 12 days

Tea houses trekking



A timeless and breathtaking journey through the kingdom of Lo, until recently a hidden Tibetan Buddhist enclave forbidden to foreigners.sculpted canyons with wildrock formations, deep gorges, Buddhist gompas and soaring snow-peaks characterize this spectacular region, a ‘thumb’ sticking up into the Tibetan plateau.

Mustang is an ancient Kingdom tucked away along the deepest river gorge in the world, the kali Gandaki; a remote and starkly beautiful section of the ‘Tibetan’ high altitude desert bordered to the south by some of the Himalayas highest mountains.


Highlights of this trip:

Experience the “Old Tibet” – The hidden Kingdom.

Visit the medieval villages of Upper Mustanag and stay in the ancient walled city of Lo Manthang.

See the fortresses, palaces, cave hermitages and cave gompas with their ancient murals.

Trek in the classic scenery of the high Tibetan plateau, including incredible sculpted valleys and wild rock formations.

Trek along the Kali Gandaki gorge, the deepest in the world

Stay in local tea houses; these people’s homes which they have opened up for us to stay with them and learn about their fascinating way of life!


For inquiry or book your trek kindly contact

Ram gurung

Phone: +977-9849473401

Skype: mysticland.adventure



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