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Everest trek with High passes

Trek with high passes is another classic and ultimate trek in Nepal.Trekking in Everest region is itself an amazing journey to the land of the highest peak in the world … Continue reading

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Tsum Valley Trek

Tsum valley is one of the culturally hidden gems of Nepal. This trek is one of the beautiful trek which is situated in Manaslu Region, Nepal. This trek is one … Continue reading

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Exclusive Namun la and Dhud Pokhari Trek

Namun-la and Dudh Pokhari (4700m) trek is one of the newly open exclusive trek in Annapurna region, Nepal. Namum la (5560m) is one of the adventurous pass newly open for … Continue reading

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Around Annapurna Trek

Around Annapurna trek is one the top ten trekking trails in the world. This trek is famous for its natural beauty, cultural exploration and different landscapes. This trek also covers … Continue reading

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Mystical Manaslu Trek

Around Manaslu trek is one of the most amazing and beautiful adventure trek. Trekking around Manaslu region trails along the different landscapes, diverse culture; majestic views make your trip worthwhile … Continue reading

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Poon Hill Trek

Poon hill trek is the shortest trek and amazing with the beautiful ranges of Himalayas, beautiful culture. This trek offers you majestic views of Himalayas and the culture, lifestyles of … Continue reading

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Mt Kailash Treks & Tours

Mt Kailash Tour is the most visited sacred destination in far-west in Tibet and Hindus believe Mt Kailash to be the abode of Lord Shiva. It is considered holy center … Continue reading

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Panchase trek, Nepal

This trek is one of the beautiful trails along the Annapurna Region. This trek is suitable for any type of travelers because it is one of the easiest trails. Passing … Continue reading

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Around Annapurna circuit Mountain Bike Trip

Mountain bike trip around Annapurna is really amazing and adventurous as your trail passes through the narrow trail with the mystical views of the Himalayas and waterfalls. The lower section … Continue reading

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Ganga-La Pass trek

Trekking in Ganga-La pass is an extreme adventurous destination in the Langtang region of Nepal. Trail passing through “Langtang”narrow valley that lies just below the main Himalayan range to the … Continue reading

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