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Mountain Biking Upper Mustang



During the Upper Mustang Mountain Bike Ride we explore the ancient kingdom of Upper Mustang with its amazing history, wild but gentle people still leading strong traditional lives similar to their ancestors 1000 years ago. Young men still go to Tibet to find their wives.While mountain bike riding Upper Mustang we will visit old gompas and monasteries with incredible 500 years old art treasures hanging on the walls and we will meet people, whose ancestors produced that and we explore living Tibetan Buddhist traditions.This ride takes you to the deepest valley in the world (7000m), Kali Gangaki Valley. Upper Mustang Mountain Bike Ride will take us on a biking foray into Mukinath, a very interesting place, a popular pilgrimage and an ancient trading post still resonating today with many traders, gurus and sadus finding their solace and purpose here. The tour will take you to Pokhara from Kathmandu, then to Muktinath in Jomsom. Then, the main biking routes will follow, including Chele, Syangboche, Charang, Lo-Manthang, Kagbeni, to name some. Sightseeing, mountain biking, pilgrimage, adventure & fun activities in the Himalayas.

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu: Arrive in Kathmandu & transfer to the hotel in Thamel, a tourist district offering numerous bars, shops and restaurants and an instant taste of Nepali life. In the afternoon we will sort out our bikes and over dinner there will be a tour briefing. ALTITUDE: 1340m

Day 2: Kathmandu-Pokhara: Fly or take tourist bus to Pokhara. You have sufficient time to explore the cafés and diners around the lake on reaching Pokhara. ALTITUDE: 820m

Day 3: Fly to Jomsom, build bikes and ride to Kagbeni: There are numerous flights that service the Jomsom airstrip early each day before the Kali Gandaki wind picks up by mid morning. To get used to the altitude and the weather condition, we assemble the bikes as soon as we land in Jomsom and ride the relatively flat river trail to Kag Beni, the border – town of the recently forbidden Mustang Kingdom. O/N Guest house  (B, L & D) ALTITUDE: 2800m DISTANCE: 11km

DAY 4: Kagbeni (m) – Chele (3050m): Ride from Kagbeni to Chele is about 13 km. along the way we cycle through the Kali Gandaki river banks. During the day we come across several trekkers, few jeep and donkeys too. The local people use donkeys for transportation. At this day we ride about 500m and finally reach our destination Chele. The climb consists of flat and gentle slopes up to Kagbeni. A little while after we ride we stop for lunch. Kagbeni is one of the most beautiful places to explore around and spend a night over. Since it is only a short ride up to Kagbeni we don’t make a stop and head up towards Chele. DISTANCE: 13 km ALTITUDE: 3050m 10669340_10152341519766771_2770104003925226050_o

DAY 5: Chele-Shyambochen: From Chele to Somar (3450m) it is almost uphill all the way. You may even have to carry your bicycle sometimes. Along the way you can explore the Annapurna Himalayan Range. After passing off Chele, we stop for some lunch at Somar as we don’t have any eateries until our destination: Shyambochen. Then after, storing up some energy, we carry our bikes upto Bhena. Later on we cycle up to Shyambochen. We also have a 3800 m pass before we conclude our ride. The hotels are very basic with outside toilets. If possible you may carry a sleeping bag along with you during this trip. DISTANCE: 18 km ALTITUDE: 3650m

DAY 6: Shyambochen-Ghami: Rise early in the morning and if you are interested for photographs the views are breathtaking from Shyambochen. After breakfast we climb around 1 km to the top and then we move to Ghiling which is a 6km downhill ride. The standard of fooding and lodging here is very numb. So we prefer camping. The village site looks green and there you can find a monastery where we can visit if you have enough time. The village people there perform farming activities. You can sight plantation of potatoes, barley, spinach, etc. After Ghiling there is a 3800m pass which takes about an hour and a half to reach at the top. Then, you can descend down to Ghami (3470 m). DISTANCE: 15 km ALTITUDE: 3470m

DAY 7: Ghami-Lomanthang: From the hotel we cycle down to the river and technically downwards about 1 km then eventually climb up to 3800 m which is about 5 km climb then descend down to Charang: our lunch spot. After we reach there, in case of any altitude sickness, we have (HP) available. We can have a checkup thoroughly during our lunch break. Charang village is quite bigger in comparison to the other ones we’ve passed. After Charang you can cycle all the way to Lomanthang which is all a rideable wide jeep track. Along the trail if you have a look around you feel like you have reached a blissful place and yet it looks a lot similar to Tibet. When you reach Lomanthang you cannot see any mountains as you have come forth a long way and left the mountains behind. DISTANCE: 27 km ALTITUDE: 3700m

DAY 8: Rest day- Lomanthang: We consider Lomanthang the most important part of this trip as there is much more to explore in it. As it is the last destination of our trip we stay here for a day or two. You would not want to miss out the famous places such as the King’s Palace, the monasteries, caves and many more. The most amazing thing you can also do is if you get lucky, you get to meet the King and Queen of Lomanthang. But in order to do so you need to make an appointment. The royals live around the local people. Even around the palace there are souvenir shops where you can find antique things and you may also get to interact with the local people who are quite friendly in nature. You could also visit the China border by jeep. It takes about an hour and a half from here. ALTITUDE: 3700m

DAY 9: Lomanthang-Ghor Gumba-Dakmar-Ghami: When you cycle from Lomanthang valley through Ghor Gumba and Dakmar, you have to cycle through two passes that are above 4000 m. This day will be one of the toughest of our ride because it consists of a lot of up and down hills until Ghami (3470m). DISTANCE: 31 km ALTITUIDE: 3470m

DAY 10: Ghami (3470 m) – Kagbeni Ghami will be the last night in upper Mustang, while riding from Ghami to Kagbeni we follow the same track where we initially came from. Hence the views are nothing new but the same as we explored before. O/N Lodge Accommodation standard/Food standard DISTANCE: 48 km (APPROX.) ALTITUDE: 2800m Day 11: Kagbeni (2800M) Tatopani 800m: Today we will descend from snow capped peaks to tropical lowlands in just over 90km. Leaving Kagbeni the trail follows a wide and flat river bed leading into the cobbled streets of Jomsom, with its bustling markets and airport. The trail then follows rough and rocky jeep tracks, descending through villages such as Marpha, and Khopang. O/N Guest House BH (B, L & D) DISTANCE: 92km

Day 12: Tatopani-Khaniya Ghat and drive to Pokhara As we descend the temperature increases and the trail becomes less rocky. From Beni the final 15km is along an undulating track that follows the course of the river and passes through paddy fields, lined with banana plants. Once at Khaniya Ghat we have rejoined the sealed road we left 230km ago and a bus will be waiting to transfer us to Pokhara (approx 2hours) O/N Guest House SH (B & L)

Day 13: Rest Day in Pokhara: Free to explore around. Enjoy the ambience around the lakeside. O/N Hotel SH (B)

Day 14: Pokhara- Kathmandu: We fly back or take a tourist bus back to Kathmandu. It will be a 6 hour ride on the tourist bus. Free to explore after reaching Kathmandu. (Approx. 200 km) O/N Guest House SH (B)

Day 15: Departure (B)

It’s time to say good bye and see you again soon in Nepal. we assist you to international airport before 3 hours of your timing.

Trip Facts:

Max Elevation: 4660m/15,280ft Location: Nepal / Upper Mustang Trailhead: Jomsom/Flight from Pokhara Coordinates: 28°47’1.73″N 83°43’40.65″E Season: March-May / September-November Total Duration: 18/21/22 days Grade: Hard Required Skill: Moderate Mountain Bike Riding


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