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Mt Kailash Treks & Tours

Mt Kailash Tour is the most visited sacred destination in far-west in Tibet and Hindus believe Mt Kailash to be the abode of Lord Shiva. It is considered holy center of the universe among both Hindu and Buddhist religious group. According to legend, immortal Hindu Lord Shiva lives at Kailash where he had spent his time practicing yogic austerities, making joyous love with his divine companion Parbati and smoking sacred herb marijuana (ganja).

Mt Kailash Tour along covers circuit around the holy mountain-clockwise for the Buddhists, anti-clockwise for Bon adherents are known as a Kora or Parikrama (Circuit) and normally it takes three days.  Along the Mt Kailash Tour visitors take a short plunge in the nearby sacred site Manasarovar Lake. The word ‘manas’ means mind or consciousness sarovar means holy lake simply we call it Lake of Consciousness and Enlightenment which also signifies the spirit of Brahma creator of universe. The holy Manasarovar Lake looks incredibly fascinating on moonlit nights especially during the full moon, coveting areas of 88-km circumference, its depth is 90m and total area 320-sq-kms around. There is another neighboring lake which is called Rakshas Tal, also known as “Ravan Kund”, which covers is 122-km area of circumference.



Day 01


 Arrive to Kathmandu.1350m
Our staff will assist you in the airport and transfer to hotel. Time permitting; you may want to start exploring the kingdom (our staffs will help for exploring around Thamel ). Visit Pashupatinath temple for Aarati Pooja in the evening [optional] meet the group for the dinner.

Day 02

Kathmandu valley sightseeing.1350m

Morning breakfast, and get ready for Kathmandu valley holy site guided tour including Pashupatinath, Jala Narayan (Lord Vishnu), Swayambhu Nath before heading back to the hotel for lunch. In the afternoon at high tea and get together for trip briefing in the Hall And spent making final preparations for the trip. Our Staff members can assist you in buying or renting any necessary gear and you may check out any unnecessary luggage for store. Group B+L+D

Day 03

Drive to Friendships bridge to Nylam. 3782m

Drive through Bhaktapur, Dhulikhel and reach Friendship Bridge (i.e. Nepal-China border). Short walk of about 25 minutes to cross Friendship Bridge and meet our Tibetan guide to complete immigration and custom formalities. After the custom clear again meet all the land cruiser, bus and lorry drivers and drive to Zhangmu (2300m) another hour time take for complete immigration and yatra permit formalities. Continue drive to Nyalam direct transfer to guest house and overnight stay.Group B+L+D

Day 04

Nyalam: acclimatization day .3782m
This day gives us a chance to relax and acclimatize to the high altitude in Nyalam (3782m). It is important to stay hydrated (3-4 Liters a day) and extremely aware of your body’s physical condition, which the staff will also monitor at all times.The group will be taken for option 3 Hrs. trek in Nyalam hill which would definately help pilgrims in getting used to trek conditions for Kailash Parikrama.Saga next day to continue the yatra to Holy Kailash.Group B+L+D

Day 05

Nyalam to Drongpa tradum(Zhongpa). 4540m
Past Nyalam (4750m) the road climbs up to La Lung Pass (5124m) the first highest pass then drops down before heading western part of Tibet. The driving is great, with stunning views of the Himalayas, particular Mt. Shisha Pangma (8012m), Mt.Dorje Lakhpa and Gauri Shankar more than make up for the rough travel.Drive past Khunmen Tso, Sinling, Karru Ongchen and Peigutso Lake (4400m). We continue driving late afternoon crossing the river “Yarling Tsangpo” known as Brahmaputra,and a quick drive brings us to the town of Saga. Continues drive to Drongpa tradum(Zhongpa) which is 190 Kms./ and 3-4 hours drive. Overnight at Hotel. Group B+L+D.

Day 06

New Drongpa tradum(Zhongpa) to Lake Manasarovar. 4582m
This is a beautiful day of driving. Our jeeps and trucks roll through the dramatic valleys following the various rivers through the grazing lands of yaks and sheep. The landscape is highlighted by snowcapped peaks rising out of the distant sand dunes. Many Tibetan nomads and traders in traditional dress inhabit this area. By late afternoon the drive through the green pastures and massive valleys gives way to the first sighting of Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar from chhesakhang. We will make our way to Manasarovar parikrama through the small village of Sherlung and Thugu Gompa on the banks of the holy lake or drive all the way to western banks, for an overnight stay at Chiu Monastery. This day offers a wonderful opportunity to visit the great lake and take in the spectacular views of Mount Gurula Mandhata (7728m) to the south and Kailash to the north. The auspicious day for all travelers having first glimpse of the Holy Manas and Darshan of Mt. Kailash from The Hor- Chu pass .Camp for night on the shores of lake Manasarovar or stay at guest house. B, L, D        

Day 07

Mansarover to Darchen.4670m
In the morning, our staff will set up private bathing tents on the shores of Lake Manasarovar for the traditional sacred bath most pilgrims perform before circumambulating the holy mountain. The experience of being in the abode of God – a life-time achievement: Puja, Havana-worship, meditation, holy dip, Tarpan. A ritual Bath at Mansarovar is considered to attain Moksha and a drink of its water relinquishes the sins of lifetime. After Pooja take your lunch here and we will head north towards Darchen, a village considered the base camp for Kailash. On the way, can visit visit Rakshesi Lake and Tirthapuri as well, pre arrangement is required. Austaparvat and Nandi hill Darsan can be planned on the same day.

Day 08

Parikrama,north of Kailash.Dira Pung 5050m 
7-8hours. Our first day of trekking around Kailash begins at Tarbuche. As we make our way along the route we pass numerous Chortens (stupas) as well as the sky burial site of the 84 Mahasiddhas. We will also take in wonderful views of cascading creeks, streaming waterfalls and the mighty west face of Kailash. We will pass the Chukku monastery and arrive at the Dirapuk monastery about five hours later, where we will set up camp / stay on traditional guest house. Group B+L+D

Day 09

Dira Pung to Zuthuruphung.3835m

This is a long and challenging day of the yatra. Hardest but Holiest site of pilgrimage with Dolma-La (pass) of 5660m between two valleys: Yamasthal should be crossed to reach the Shiva-sthal, here there is the symbolical death, Pilgrimages leave the Old clothes, spin of hair or a drop of Blood in hope, that terrible Yamraja (The master of death) will attention to these signs and will allow the Yatries to be born in spirit to pass Dolma- La. The pass associates at Buddhists with the goddess Container, and at Hindu with Parvati, divine wife misters Shiva. Once you reach on the top, just put offerings on success and sit down for meditation to forget you. Once your steps go down, Parvati-sthal and Gauri Kunda are on the way. We will head down the steep trail to our eventual camp site along with the river.

For Inner parikrama:- Kailash Parikarma starts your walk at 4:00 AM through Khande Salung. Meet group & camp 7-8 kms after Dolma La. ( Zuthul puk)Overnight Camp or Guest house. (The cave of Miracles. The great ascetic Milerappa is supposed to have performed miracles here).Along the way we will be having wonderful view of high peaks, streams, r to Zuthulpuk waterfalls and mountain caves. Group B+L+D


Day 10

 Zuthuruphung to Hor Qu or Hore
After 3.1/2 hrs comfortable walk along the river valley, our jeeps will be waiting to transport us back to home. The backbone team (horseman/helpers) will be saying last good bye to you with a smiling face. We will visit where we can have thanks giving bath in the holy waters of Manasarovar again and start the road trip back to Hor Qu or Hore. It will be shorter driving day on comfortable road on the last day of our Kailash parikrama. Group B+L+D

Day 11

Hor Qu or Hore to New Drongpa tradum(Zhongpa)
From Hor Qu or Hore we can drive all the way to New Dognpa tradum(Zhongpa).Overnight Group B+L+D

Day 12

New Drongpa tradum (Zhongpa-Nylam)
Morning breakfast and get ready to drive to Nylam which is  something 430 km road distance an 7-8 hour including lunch break . We will rush back towards Kathmandu, on the same great road, but still we have one more night In Tibet after living in lack up-oxygen levels for so many days. We will stay overnight in theTibetian town of Nylam where all the upgraded hotels, restaurants and shops are available to make yourself refresh! Overnight at hotel Group B+L+D

Day 13

Nylam to Kathmandu

Morning tea and coffee drive to Friendships bridge after complete immigration and custom formalities 10 min. walk and take your breakfast at lodge Kodari .we will be picked up and continues drive to Dhulikhel for Lunch than Kathmandu for about 06.00 hours and check into hotel. Group B+L+D

Day 14

Departure – Flight at

Morning check out hotel, transfer to airport, catch flight for next Destination. Options for early departure or We advise that you book this in advance. Allow 4 extra days for Manakamana, Pokhara, and Muktinath Darshan trip and for Himalayan mountain flight, Contact Mystic Land Adventure (P.) Ltd.




Gangs Of Himalayan Guide Brothers Group

Bhagwan Bahal, Thamel

Kathmandu, Nepal







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