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Guerrilla Trek, Nepal


The Guerrilla trek is newest trekking trail in Nepal among other famous trekking trails with home stay trekking or camping trek facilities. This trek was named Guerilla trail because this is the trails used by the Maoist during the ten years of war.  This trekking trail has its own unique historic attraction besides spectacular views of Dhaulagiri range from high ridges and large meadows fringed by pine forests and Pyutha Himal (7245m). This trekking trail starts from Beni passes the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. This region is blessed with wide ranging of natural resources and biodiversity. Beautiful waterfalls, rivers, caves and lakes like Kamala Daha (Lotus Lake) and Sun Daha is breath taking.


Day 1: Kathmandu- Beni (830m) by bus

Day 2: Beni-Takam (1665m)

Day 3: Takam- Lamsung (2250m)

Day 4: Lamsung- Gurjaghat (3020m)

Day 5: Gurjaghat- Dhorpatan (2860m)

Day 6: Dhorpatan- Nisi Dhor (2620m)

Day 7: Nisi Dhor-Tallo sera

Day 8: Tallo Sera- Rujhikhola

Day 9: Rujhikhola-Thabang

Day 10: Thabang- Jaljala (Dharampani 3900m)

Day 11: Jaljala-Jelbang

Day 12: Jelbang- Sulichaur

Day 13: Sulichaur-Kathmandu (13 hours by bus)


Trek Facts:

Maximum altitude: 3900

Trekking type: Home stay/ camping

Grade: Moderate to strenuous

Trip duration: 13 Days


Gangs Of Himalayan Guide Brothers Group

Bhagwan Bahal, Thamel

Kathmandu, Nepal


Phone: +9779849473401

Skype: mysticland.adventure



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