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Home stay trekking in Nepal- Get more closer with the culture and People


Nepal is a beautiful country and it is also the gift of Nature that it is the roof of the world having the highest peak in the world Mt. Everest 8848m. Nepal is beautiful and have become the most attractive destination in the world where people come here for adventure, trekking etc. Not only on the aspect of Natural Beauty it has its own unique culture and people. we have flat land Tarai to the step and the freezing land in the mountains. People have their own culture speaking more than 100s of languages and as well as unique culture among themselves. Most of the trek is renowned and walk within the lodge and hotel stays but to know its culture and beautiful people we have beautiful home stays along the trek. This is an amazing opportunities to get more close to the people and its culture.

For Inquiry/trek/book

Gangs Of Himalayan Guide Brothers Group

Bhagwan Bahal, Thamel

Kathmandu, Nepal 


Phone: +9779849473401

skype: mysticland.adventure




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